Enter the Jade Lotus Temple

"Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God."

Ram Dass

and The Goddess...

Welcome Beloved,

Today you begin your sacred exploration and initiation into the arts of feminine practice.

 I bow to you and your journey as you remember how magical you truly are.

With your hands on your heart, I invite you to feel the warm peach gold glow of the

divine feminine around you now. 

Imagine the primordial mother of creation holding her arms out to you,

gently ushering you into her embrace. 

As she wraps her soft, warm arms around your whole body

you feel a sense of coming home, safety and peace. 

Allow yourself now to soften in her embrace, feeling her love warm you, soothe you, feeling it all the way down into the center of your bones.

Allow yourself to take in this moment, relaxing into the heart of the mother,

inhale, exhale softly.

As you gently allow yourself to unfold in the arms of the Goddess

notice the sensations that arise within you, allow all of who you are now, to be embraced by this moment and feel the beauty of honoring all that is you.

This is where we begin to remember.

I’m so happy you are here!

As you enter the Jade Lotus Temple of the Tao Tantric Arts please take a moment for three deep full breaths.

The first one into your heart, another one into your womb, and a third into your yoni. 

Notice the sensations, the feelings, the energy of this moment.

inhale and exhale

any judgement or expectation,

Bring your awareness to your physical body, notice any physical sensations that arise as you as you bring your awareness here.

inhale and exhale

Bring your awareness to your emotional body, notice any thoughts or feelings that arise as you bring your awareness here.

inhale and exhale

Bring your awareness to your energy body, notice any contraction or expansion within your energy field as you bring your awareness here.

As you notice, lift the corners of your lips into a gentle smile and soften into any sensations you are experiencing, welcoming it, loving it, honoring all of you.

Dear sister you are seen, you are deeply honored and loved.

As we begin our journey into the sacred feminine arts of the Tao and Tantra, I want to let you know that everything offered in this course is purely and invitation. Please listen to your intuition, inner knowing and wisdom when it comes to your body and what you need.

You know best what you are ready for and what you may need more time with. Please feel free to take your time with this work. This journey is deep and extremely healing, you will receive the all blessings your heart and womb need in divine timing, allow yourself be at ease and in love with the process. 

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